Discover Intangible Assets™

It is an advisory programme designed to help enterprises leverage their intangible assets (IA) and intellectual property (IP) to maximise growth opportunities, manage risks and costs, and identify strategic partnerships to achieve business goals.

Key Benefits

 Secure your competitive edge, by aligning your IA with your business goals.

 Stay ahead of the curve in recognising IA risks and how to manage them.

 Establish a strong position to secure opportunities.


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The Programme Comprises Three Main Phases

Get a deep understanding of your IA by learning from our expert team about:

  • The types of assets relevant to your business.
  • Corporate value, lifetime value, and impact of the IA to your business.
  • Effective IA management.

Identify key IA for your business through dialogue sessions together with your management, including core and non-core IA.


Create an action plan to improve your IA management and align it to your strategic business plans.

Who Will Benefit

Companies that plan to, or are currently doing the following:


 Expand into new geographical markets.

 Invest in new innovation, products or services.

 Launch new products and services.

 Enter new partnerships, such as joint ventures, business partnerships, and research and development (R&D) collaborations.

 Seek protection of products and services against competition, to reduce existing protection costs.