IA/IP Management


Intangible Assets (IA) and Intellectual Property (IP) are your company’s most valuable assets. Global IA value stands at an all-time high of more than US$65 trillion, surpassing the value of tangible assets.1 This trend applies to Singapore. However, although 45% of local SMEs have engaged in IA/IP commercialisation activities, the majority of SMEs do not have IA/IP management functions in Singapore.2

Managing IA/IP is key to the success of these commercialisation activities and growing corporate value. Key benefits of effective IA/IP management include:

 Accelerated business expansion and shortened time to market

 Sharper investment decisions

 Sustained competitive advantages and business goodwill

 Mitigation of business risks and protection from competition

[1] SIPS 2030 report
[2] Singapore IP Survey


Who Will Benefit from IA/IP Management?

Effective IA/IP management is beneficial for all businesses. However, IA/IP management is particularly critical for companies that plan to, or are currently doing the following:

 Expand into new geographical markets

 Launch new products and services

 Invest in innovation and R&D

 Enter new partnerships, such as joint ventures, business partnerships, and co-development arrangements

 Raise capital


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Effective IA/IP Management Involves:

Get a deep understanding of your IA by learning fabout:

  • The types of assets relevant to your business.
  • Corporate value, lifetime value, and impact of the IA to your business.
  • Effective IA management.


  • Key IA/IP that drives and supports your company’s differentiators.
  • Strengths and weaknesses of the company’s IA/IP and in its management of these assets.
  • Resulting business opportunities and risks.

Create an action plan to improve your IA management and align it to your strategic business plans.

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