Patent Analytics

Patent analytics examines and analyses large sets of patent data to provide organisations with actionable intelligence to aid in their R&D and business decision-making.

Key Benefits

 Understand overall technology landscape such as the maturity of technologies and emerging trends.

 Identify new areas for R&D.

 Derive insights into competitors' strategies and business directions.

 Seek out prolific inventors and key technology holders for licensing or partnering opportunities.


Technology Insights Platform (TIP)

Stay ahead of the innovation curve with our interactive TIP tool showcasing worldwide technology trends in artificial intelligence (AI) using patent analytics. This pilot initiative helps innovators to understand patenting trends, keep up with technology advances and direct their own R&D efforts. Leveraging our patent examiners’ expertise, we explore the significance of various markers in TIP.

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How to use
Key Highlights
  • Number of inventions
    The total number of inventions published globally over a 10-year period shows the entire tech landscape in the industry. It is indicative of how established and important the tech domain is. Patent filings will continue to grow as more inventors and organisations recognise the value of intangible assets (IA) and the role they play in IP risk management and business growth.
  • Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR)
    This percentage measures the growth of a technology space over a period of 10 years. It may demonstrate either significant growth or sharp decline, depending on overall demand in the industry or sector.
  • Number of technology fields
    This number (out of 35) shows how widespread the technology is applied across industries, and the leading edge fields of application.
  • Percentage of inventions contributed by universities and research institutes
    This percentage implies whether a tech is nascent, emerging, growing, mature or declining.
Interactive Charts
  • Publication trend
    Shows the increase or decrease in the number of inventions (as measured by counts of patent families rather than individual patents) over the years. A significant rise in global patent filings may be due to a number of factors such as commercial opportunities, growth potential, government grants and subsidies, and more efficient patent grant procedures.
  • Invention origin
    Refers to the country or region where the invention took place. The largest circle shows the world’s leading global patent filer, such as China which has massive patent filings in AI.
  • Geographical protection
    Represents the territorial protection sought after by the applicant. This shows what are the top primary markets for the top patent owners, who are increasing their share of filings in these markets. Typically, the top regions are US, China and EU.
  • Technology field of applications
    An invention derived by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) IPC technology concordance table that links the International Patent Classification (IPC) codes with thirty-five technology fields.

  • Commercial entities
    Shows the top companies who are filing patents for the technology, by the total number of inventions. Apart from owning the most patent families, the world leaders are often also the largest spenders on research and development. Many of their inventions will eventually make their way into the products launched by the companies.
  • Universities & research institutions
    Shows the top universities and research institutes who are filing patents for the technology, by the total number of inventions. Academic researchers are integral to the R&D process, who often file for patent protection in multiple domains to reap rewards through patent transfer or licensing.
  • List of patent applications according to your selections
    Search global patent database by using our keyword search to display up to 500 and more titles along with their publication number, title, publication year, current assignees and patent documents. This provides an overview of what innovators are up against in the technology space.

    To further leverage the power of patent analytics, innovators can embark on a high-level tech scan or an in-depth study.

Who It Is For

Organisations who are looking into the following:


Understand and navigate the competitive landscape they operate in.

Maximise the value from their R&D.

Place strategic bets in planning future R&D directions.